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Ginny Brinkley, a native of Virginia, is a graduate of Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia; Mary Washington College (now the University of Mary Washington) in Fredericksburg, Virginia; and the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, where she received a master’s degree in business administration.

Ginny began writing at a young age, composing stories about her dog, Dusty, and her cat, Purr Purr, and illustrating them with black and white photos taken with her Brownie Hawkeye camera. Her writing developed into a career when she co-authored a best-selling manual on pregnancy and childbirth, “Your Child’s First Journey,” published in 1981 (Avery Publishing Group), and later revised as Pregnancy to Parenthood (Penguin Putnam).

In 1989, she co-founded Pink Inc! Publishing, producer of educational materials for pregnant and parenting teens. Among the books she coauthored during this time were “Young and Pregnant”, “You and Your New Baby”, “Baby and Me”, “What’s Right for Me?” and “You’re WHAT?” No longer in the publishing business after selling Pink Inc! in 2001, Ginny joined a weekly writing group and changed her focus to fiction. Her first novel, “EarthQuest—A story of life, love and the pursuit of red meat,” was published in 2011 (available at This intriguing sci-fi tale was co-authored by fellow Star Writing Group member, Kathleen Perry.

Ginny lives on a lake in Hawthorne, Florida, with her husband, Bill, of 40 years. They have five grown children and 15 grandchildren. Besides writing, Ginny enjoys water skiing, jet skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and, when time and family commitments permit, spending time in Maui.